From Trebelzine by John-Paul Shiver:

Yuvi Havkin, the Tel-Aviv based musician who produces as Rejoicer, is seen as the foremost cultivator of Israel’s modern beat movement with his Raw Tapes label, a fact many in this country have no idea about. On his sophomore release for L.A.-based Stones Throw Records, Havkin employed friends and family on his imprint and beyond, to deliver atmospheric mood clouds with squelchy synths at a mid-tempo pace. The mostly understated Heavy Smoke retains progressive ideas, not commonplace, that stride along confidently producing shadows, not sweat or theft.

Energy Dreams, his debut from last fall, blurred Havkin’s hallucinatory subconscious with neo-fusion jazz, experimental beats, world music accents, and classical music orchestration. Heavy Smoke deals from a different deck. It’s more upbeat and energetic, akin to Rejoicer’s signature style of blending hip-hop, breakbeat, funk, and jazz. Rare, distinct frequencies are the result.

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