Gregory Shorter Jr. aka Ras G (December 11, 1978 – July 29, 2019) was one of the definitive producers of the Los Angeles beat scene, a co-founder of the Poo-Bah label, and hip-hop beat-maker who dug probably deeper than any into the worlds of free jazz, jazz fusion and afrofuturism.

Ras G was prolific as he was experimental. He had a long collaboration with Leaving Records who released no less than ten separate projects with the producer including the original Raw Fruit Vol. 1-4.

“Splicing together spiritual jazz, classic soul, old-school hip-hop and film soundtracks, Ras G referred to the clamorous, sample-heavy beats he made as “ghetto sci-fi.” He proudly proclaimed his debt to Sun Ra, the jazz bandleader and Afrofuturist pioneer whose message of cultural revolution found new voice in Ras G’s music.”The New York Times


Raw Fruit Vol. 5 & 6 (Ghetto Sci-Fi, 2020)
Down 2 Earth Vol. 4 (Ghetto Sci-Fi, 2019)
Down 2 Earth Vol. 3 (Ghetto Sci-Fi, 2019)
Dance of the Cosmos (Akashik, 2019)
Stargate Music (Leaving, 2018)
My Kinda Blues (Ghetto Sci-Fi, 2017)
Baker’s Dozen (Fat Beats, 2016)
The Gospel Of The God Spell (Street Corner Music, 2016)
Raw Fruit Vol. 4 (Leaving, 2015)
Down to Earth: Vol 2, The Standard Bap Edition (Leaving, 2014)
Raw Fruit Vol. 3 (Leaving, 2014)
Raw Fruit Vol. 2 (Leaving, 2014)
Seat of the Soul (Leaving, 2014) – Split with VHVL
Back on the Planet (Brainfeeder, 2013)
Raw Fruit Vol. 1 (Leaving, 2013)
El-Aylien 1 & 2 (Leaving, 2010-2012)
Down 2 Earth: Vol 1, The Standard Edition (Ramp, 2011)
Spacebase is the Place (Poo Bah, 2011)
Brotha from Another Planet (Brainfeeder, 2009)
Ghetto Sci-Fi (Poo-Bah, 2008)

5 Chuckles: In the Wrld (Leaving, 2016) – with The Koreatown Oddity
5 Chuckles (Leaving, 2014) – with The Koreatown Oddity