We have a limited edition of Quasimoto & Madlib’s The Further Adventures of Lord Quas, with: • Alternate album cover • Heavy board, tip-on gatefold jacket • Color vinyl.

The Further Adventures of Lord Quas (Gold Chains Edition)

Jeff Jank, designer of the original album and “Gold Chains” edition:

The first time I heard The Further Adventures of Lord Quas, it struck me as a hip-hop equivalent of Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention’s We’re Only in It for the Money (1968). Zappa’s crazy, chaotic record also happened to feature the first-ever knock-off cover of The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, a tradition in graphic arts that continues to this day. The ‘Gold Chains’ collage is my own spin on the tradition, also taking its inspiration from Madlib’s track “Rappcats Pt. 3.”

This alternate cover for Further Adventures was designed Fall 2020. In just a year between then and now we lost three of the heroes in the collage: DOOM, Biz Markie, and Melvin Van Peebles.