Compilation on World Psychedelic Funk Classics. 20 Indian Psych-Funk Masterpieces. 2LP with full-sized 20 page color booket.  CD with 52 page color booklet.

Our friends at World Psychedelic Classics (Psych Funk 101/Brazilian Guitar
Fuzz Bananas
) have been serving fellow students of the global phenomenon of
psychedelic funk music well; here's another collection of funky, heavy,
psychedelic wonders – this time from the melodic wonderland of India.
Welcome to Psych Funk Sa Re Ga!

Much of the music on this compilation that covers the "golden years" of the
movement (from approximately 1970 until 1982) and springs from the Bollywood
film industry. Thus, Psych Funk Sa Re Ga! compiles some of the work of
composers such as R.D. Burman and the brothers known as Kalyanji Anandji –
specifically their experiments in the fusion of India's classical traditions
of Hindustani and Carnatic music, folk music such as bhangra and dandiya and
Western psychedelia and funk music.

Psych Funk Sa Re Ga! also includes off the beaten path Indian experiments in
Psych Funk – for example, two songs from the Simla Beat garage-psych albums,
and an oft-heard Deep Purple cover by the ground-breaking Atomic Forest –
alongside examples of the Indian Psych Funk influence on European 70s
musicians. Throughout the extensive liner notes – many of which delve into
the history of the musicians and ensembles behind these little-heard
classics – World Psychedelic Funk Classics attempts to broaden the
definition of global psychedelia and shine light on the Indian progenitors
of some of the wildest, funkiest, fuzziest music this world has ever heard.

This limited edition piece comes as a deluxe digipak CD, including a 52-page
full color booklet with liner notes, photos and other ephemera. It also
comes in 2LP gatefold packaging with an over sized full color booklet with
the same detailed liner notes and imagery included.

Download MP3 Atomic Forest – Mary Long (MP3)

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