Debut album PSA coming July 23. “Let it Flow” on Spotify + Apple Music

Today, Houston based singer-songwriter Peyton has shared her new single and video “Let It Flow” from her forthcoming debut album PSA. The album, set for release on July 23, highlights Peyton’s authenticity and sense of fearlessness as an artist who is confidently standing in the spotlight and making herself heard. First single “Let It Flow”’s lyrics, about trusting your gut, reflect PSA’s overall themes of self-love. “Following your own path can be scary, especially when there are many valid thoughts of doubt. ‘Let It Flow’ is an anthem and a mantra that encourages going with the flow and trusting your intuition.”  

The video for “Let It Flow”, directed by Uche OGB, takes place in Peyton’s mother’s hometown of Liberty, TX. This town in rural Texas was one of Peyton’s happy places growing up, where she would visit family and play freely. Now it’s a place where her ethereal femme energy can take center stage. Peyton and rapper Brice Blanco feature in the video, and Peyton’s grandmother, Glenda Rollins, makes a cameo.