When veteran Bronx lyricist Percee P re-emerged in ’05 with his Madlib produced Stone Throw debut single “Put It On The Line,” the confusing collision of styles left some heads scratching their heads. A likeably left-field blues-guitar sample notwithstanding, the Beat Konducta’s spacey soundscapes seemed uncomfortably out-of-pocket and incompatible with the Rhyme Inspector’s fast-rap friendly, multisyllabic flow. Fortunately, their latest collabo, “Throwback Rap Attack,” gets the recipe right. Sticking to a thunderous up-tempo drum loop and a few unobtrusive melodic touches, Madlib’s simple rhythm track leaves plenty of room for Perce to unpack his verbiage. But the sleeper main event on this 12″ is Cut Chemist’s “Lucas Flipped A One Sided Tape He Found In 1987 Into Stereo” – essentially an old demo of Percee freestyling over Spoonie Gee’s “Love Rap,” which Cut magically beefs up for the pleasure of the purist set. Percee’s performance – on par with Kane or G Rap’s nimblest mic moments (for real!) – speaks for itself: “My rhymes can coincide with any tempo, velocity/Feeble, jealous MCs feel animosity/I make your mouth foam/Crackin’ your dome/I’m like AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.” Licensed to ill.