We worked with illustrator Robin Velghe on a couple short clips from the Yes Lawd remix album – “Bstwun (Chppd)” and “Wngs (Rmx)” – and after those we just had to get a full length video. This was illustrated by Robin, and animated by Andy Baker.

from It’s Nice That:

Behind the making of NxWorries’ sexy, summery Lyk Dis video with Andy Baker and Robin Velghe

If you weren’t already in the mood for the summer holidays then NxWorries’ latest video is sure to get you daydreaming. Illustrated by Robin Velghe and animated by Andy Baker, and co-directed by the two creatives, the video stars animated versions of Anderson.Paak and Knxwledge as they cruise through balmy LA with the car roof down, checking out beautiful ladies and sunsets alike along the way. Andy and Robin tell It’s Nice That that the project began with both duos chatting and sharing ideas about the track’s themes, discussing retro 90s references, a chilled LA setting and, specifically, a BMW 2002.

“I knew pretty quickly how it would look,” Robin says, “so with that figured out in my mind, Andy and I were able to focus on the storyline. I knew I didn’t want to do a crazy action-packed video, so we agreed a super laid-back quest through the city would fit the song perfectly. Lyk Dis is a pretty sexual song and I certainly wanted the video to represent that mood. I wanted to create that feeling you get when you are at the beginning of a crazy summer night, when everything is still possible.”

“I wanted to build a story that added to the lyrics and (tried) to make them more positive for the women in our story,” Andy explains. “It was a balance of keeping the sexual nature of the track while trying to empower the women in the video. Obviously we couldn’t ignore the lyrics but we agreed if we made them fun with innuendo and designed the women as not being degraded but rather empowered – or at the very least unbothered – then we would be ok!” As such, the video is peppered with saucy innuendo, playing to hip-hop tropes but with a cartoon comedy, such as the lick of an ice lolly or a close up of a peach.

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