Short film directed by Tuomas Vauhkonen & Jeremias Niemen with the music of Mndsgn's "Frugality," "Zen," and "Homewards" from the album Yawn Zen.

Mndsgn is currently on tour in Asia.

STARRING: Macoumba Ndiaye, Kaye Dulla, Emilie Mattern, Stephen Stokes, Ilkka Kunttu | PRODUCTION DESIGNER: Emilia Lindholm | CINEMATOGRAPHER: Jeremias Nieminen (A.S.T.A.) | GAFFER: Antti Savolainen | SOUND DESIGN: Tuomas Vauhkonen | SOUND RECORDIST: Ilkka Kunttu | Stock footage courtesy of ASTAFILM | PRODUCED BY: ASTA

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