Oppenheimer Analysis & Mark Lane Split 45. “Radiance” b/w “Who's Really Listening”
The Minimal Wave Tapes (vinyl) Album. Advance release 2/LP

This new 45 is two '80s-era underground new wave tracks from the anthology The Minimal Wave Tapes, which we have available today, along with an exclusive pre-release of The Minimal Wave Tapes on vinyl.  The worldwide release is January 26, 2010.

Oppenheimer Analysis is Martin Lloyd and Andy Oppenheimer. After meeting at a UK science fiction convention, they recorded “Radiance” in 1982 and self-released it on a cassette called New Mexico.

Mark Lane is a solo artist from Ventura, California who has been been making music since the 1970s and recorded this track “Who's Really Listening” in 1984.