Between Days is the last installment in Kiefer’s trilogy of EPs, following Bridges and Superbloom. Kiefer says, “Between Days is about transition, feeling old even though I’m not, missing friends, finding purpose, and remaining hopeful.” Click for track list and credits. Cover art and animation by Mason London.

“Friends came from a jam me and my friends were playing as background music at a fancy event we were hired to play at. I made up these chord changes and we were just having an amazing time that evening. I later created a bunch of new ideas on top of the chords and made this song. The feeling this song is supposed to evoke is what gratitude feels like to me.”

Superhero came from an idea I recorded in 2018, but fleshed out in 2020. This song makes me feel like a fuckin’ superhero. The piano tone is my cape and you can hear it flapping in the wind.”

Photo by Robb Klassen

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