Walter 'Junie' Morrison was a hero of mine. A true Funk, artist in every since of the title.

He was a master Funkster, yet created many styles of music. From his founding of Dayton's Ohio Players (showcasing his distinctive vocal x piano & synth styles), his cult classic solo albums on Westbound (in which he handled every instrument), thru his P-Funk years (as writer, player, vocalist arranger & musical director during the heavy reign of P-Funk / late 70's period of "One Nation.." thru "Electric Spanking.." & continuing in various capacity into the early 80's, even being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with P-Funk) to working with pop artist and even the UK's Soul II Soul.

Junie & I became friends around 2010, when DJ Soul Sister brought him to one of my shows in Chicago. He later even did a rare 'live solo set' with his iPad x synths, which included his wife on B.G. vocals as an opener on my bill, and Ron Trent as an opener as well in Chicago. This was around 2010. We've been friends ever since. We went on to collaborate on things and just talk. For hours by phone. His last recording on wax was what is included here. He will be missed by many in the Funk world and beyond. In his last phone call with me; he sounded 'very upbeat'. It was the happiest I've ever heard him in the time I've known him.

*Life is a trip. *RIP to my friend & fellow Funksta' for life: Walter 'Junie' Morrison

– DaM-FunK

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