12-inch vinyl now shipping.

One consistent theme that runs with our best DJs and producers is knowing and loving a wide range of music, so we weren't surprised when J Rocc decided to dig through tracks from the two Minimal Wave compilations and re-edit several tracks. We're now releasing them in two volumes of 12-inch vinyl and digital.

As well as being an expertly curated presentation of the far reaching history of 80s synth based music, the Minimal Wave Tapes compilations have become a useful primer for what to expect from the Minimal Wave label, run by Veronica Vasicka. The most recent edition has been followed by full length reissues of material from artists featured such as Hard Corps and In Aeternam Vale, with the label also preparing a forthcoming selection of archival material from finely fringed German artist Felix Kubin.

J Rocc's Minimal Wave Tapes – Edits Volumes 1 is shipping now via Stones Throw, and out everywhere on July 31st. Volume 2 will be released in late August.

Volume 1 track list:

1. Antonym – Cinnamon Air (J Rocc Edit)
2. Hard Corps – Dirty (J Rocc Edit)
3. Crash Course In Science – Flying Turns (J Rocc Edit)
4. Das Ding – H.T.S.A (J Rocc Edit)

Volume 2 track list:

1. Felix Kubin – Japan Japan (J Rocc Edit)
2. Ohama – The Drum (J Rocc Edit)
3. Mark Lane – Who’s Really Listening (J Rocc Edit)
4. Deux – Game & Performance (J Rocc Edit)

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