Jonwayne “Passing Fancies” from Cassette 2. Beat, rhyme and lyrics by JW. (Grammar, line breaks, format all intentional.)

You can take The Boy out the Universe and never get reciprocal
but these indigenous rhymes are way beyond Time.
I feel my Heart stop and start up.
within the same Breath I could depart Us
and if I go quietly, then I’m smiling but let’s make noise miles before Then.

Days wasted will contribute to your Rapture.

strapped with 10 years plus a day for every heart I capture.
Crowds are asking if I latch The Truth to my Masters
and the Truth is I live for every lyric I can master.

let the Waves crash.
Ears feel erosion.
I’m a locomotive moving with the Motion of the ocean
while my foundation thins out.
Everything is in-house.

This ain’t Monopoly but I’ll change The Game,
make amendments to The Name, take the dollars then I’ll dip out.
These Words diminish scriptures; kiss Tradition goodbye,
risking Hope for the coax of a whisk in the sky with these Passing Fancies.

you Know these Things will never keep in the rain.
got the Neptune Blues.
Everything is a Game, just make sure to stay sane.
don’t get Caught Up.

I’m feeling black holes pulling at My Skull.
They say I’m morbid but I still have Control.
a Moment never dull.
got a whole lot of Enemies here but none are serious to Try to breach the hull.

My Voice lights and nullifies the skies from this gravity,
a Craft that I’ll happily describe sans vanity.

Everything is after the Fact.  I’ve never lived a day in My Life without asking for it back.

Time is short if you stay foolish.
Choose the wrong Crew and you’ll be met on the Moon with few Tulips
blue as Neptune and still clueless yet I shoot for the stars and the Shoe fits.

a boy doesn’t stand a Chance amidst misdemeanors and vicious christenings
like it’s one or the other.
middle ground would never sit with These.

“sometimes I wish I could forget to Leave them breathless” said Death,
restless souls resting on His necklace.

bench-pressing purgatory,
heaven in the stretches.
coals burn my Feet, leaving hell in the trenches.
swag like Dante (never thought I’d say that
but sometimes Words are just things for you to take back)

look back to see if you can Mend a few bridges
if only to Keep yourself on the bend of two hinges.