Jonwayne is an MC. Oddles of Doodles is beats. This is Jonwayne’s big badass beat tape for Stones Throw.

Before recently signing to Stones Throw for an upcoming rap album (we celebrated), Jonwayne made his way around the Los Angeles beat-maker underground. Last year he released the instrumental Bowser with Alpha Pup, and his own Doodles beat tape, which served as as the precursor to Oodles of Doodles.

Oodles is a double-CD, packaged in a 10×10-inch folded sleeve, with 48 tracks  created over the past two years. About Jonwayne’s nearly sample-free beats, the guys at Potholes said it best: “Jonwayne plays the emotional field, with moments of dark eulogy-esque tracks that shift in to lighthearted ones.”

They also concluded, “the beats demand more lyrical accompaniment. They demand to be fucked with.” Maybe that’s why he’s working on rap tracks this year. Stay tuned.

Catch Jonwayne live with Stones Throw at SXSW, 3/13 at Elysium, Austin TX.