J.Rocc’s second full-length producer album. 


The scene is sunny, smoggy Southern California, early 1980s. Traffic is barely moving. In the passenger seat of one of those cars there is young Jason Jackson, spinning the dial on the FM radio. R&B, early hip-hop, electro, new wave, independent jams, and music from the superstars – it was all a few notches away when the airwaves were wild and free. And when the radio dial was not enough, Jason Jackson got his first pair of turntables. The DJ known as J.Rocc was born, like a character in a Marvel comic book learning how to use a super power. 

J.Rocc and his crew the Beat Junkies have been a seminal force in the rise of instrumental hip-hop, and were among a handful of DJs who transformed the craft into an art form. All along the way J.Rocc has been making his own beats, and A Wonderful Letter – his letter to Los Angeles, and his dedication to a lifetime of L.A. music scenes – is only his second full-length album. 


1. Welcome Everyone
2. L.A. Anthem feat. LMNO & Key Kool
3. One
4. Love & Dope feat. MED
5. The Changing World feat. The Koreatown Oddity
6. Keep On (Yeah)
7. Flawless (Raw) feat. Franknitt
8. Flawless (Smoothed Out) feat. Budgie
9. All I Wanna Do (Remix) feat. Steve Arrington
10. Pajama Party feat. The Egyptian Lover
11. Go!
12. Dancing with the Best
13. The End (N.T.P.)