In case you don't recognize him, that's Homeboy Sandman there, in a 2009 clip left unfinished and unreleased until now.  Here's about how Sandman tells the story…

My boy Photo Rob shot 4 years ago when I was emaciated raw vegan status, rocking the mean George Jefferson cut and weighing 85 lbs. This was 2009, for a song on my 2007 album Nourishment. Yesterday, 3 years later, the director sends me the finished version.  The original had my boy Rocky Brambles but for the 2009 version 8THW1 was on board lending a hand. Dag I was skinny sun.

Directed by Robert Adam Mayer (a.k.a Photo Rob). Shot by Ethan Blum & Edited by Jed I. Rosenberg for Broody Baby. Motion Graphics & Animation by Donald Robinson Cole III. Special thank you to Ali Santana.

Sandman has already turned in a few videos for his album First of a Living Breed, and has a couple more along the way before dropping some new material in 2013.

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