In the dungeon: Frankie Reyes on the boards, Mndsgn and Stones Throw crew keeping busy. 1 dog. 1 skunk. Just a normal day at the office. Frankie's album Boleros Valses y Mas comes out this month. Video by Ross Harris.

Dungeon Sessions is a series of live videos filmed in the Stones Throw
warehouse in Los Angeles, directed by Ross Harris, location audio and
mix by Stanley Gonzales. Also watch Karriem Riggins & J Rocc play Dilla & Samiyam doing his thing.

This has been filmed in immersive video, where the entire 360° view is
recorded, and the viewer has control of the viewing direction in
playback. You don’t need any special software or hardware to view the

• Best viewed on mobile, using the Youtube app.
• 1080s HD settings recommended.
• Next step up: view with any VR viewer (not required)

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