One of the thrills in creating artwork for Stones Throw has been collaborating with several outstanding photographers, watching the way they work and seeing what inspires them. One of my favorite sets of photos is one by Bobby Flowers, shot at an afternoon party we had at Coachella a few years ago. I didn't know the guy at the time, and he showed up with an old, large format film camera. Digital cameras have been the norm for long enough now that I can barely remember the last time I saw someone shooting film, much less at a live event.

I asked him, "What's with the camera?" He replied, "Well, you guys still do vinyl … same thing, right?" This made all the sense in the world.

Bobby's first exhibit is talking place in Barcelona, June 5th at Apolo . On the flyer, his photo of Erykah Badu taken that afternoon. The exhibit will travel to New York and Philly in the Fall.