In the store | Duppy Gun "Spy/Up Wit You Baby"

Duppy Gun is label and producer team founded in Portmore, Jamaica, 2011 by Los Angeles musicians Sun Araw and M. Geddes Gengras. They went to the Jamaica to work with The Congos, and ended up in a collaboration with the local music community. Duppy Gun was born.

After the first release, the 12-inch MULTIPLY in 2012, a distribution deal was struck with Stones Throw. Now we bring you Duppy Gun 002: SPY. This and all future Duppy Gun releases will contain vocal and instrumental versions, white-sleeve 12-inch vinyl with insert.

Duppy Gun 002

A1. I Jahbar "Spy"
A2. Lukani "Up Wit U Baby!"
B1. "Up Wit U Baby" Instrumental
B2. Spy "Instrumental"

I Jahbar (Oneil Thomas) lives and works on his farm near Kingston. An overflowing stream of machete-edged verses and the highest grade of herb issue from his "music yard" (along with pumpkin, okra, corn, moringa) where he cares for his family and fosters local talent. Lukani (Dave Smith) voiced track "Up Wit U Baby," both riddims by Duppy Founders Cameron Stallones and M. Geddes Gengras.