In the store | Duppy Gun – What Would You Say About Me?

Duppy Gun 12-inch #3 includes "What Would You Say About Me," a tune by Fyah Flames with a beat by DJ High Waistline (aka Matthewdavid). The flip side is "Own Pattern" by I Jahbar, with a beat by Big Flite & Velkro (aka the Duppy producers). Both tracks were recorded in Spanish Town, Jamaica. These records come with an oversized poster — half of the records with Fyah Flames, half with I Jahbar.

Here's a few words from Duppy Gun Productions with Fyah Flames and I Jahbar.

Duppy Gun: What's your name and when did you start singing?
Fyah Flames: My name is Jodian Gordon aka Fiyah Flames. I was born in Spanishtown, St. Catherine, and I'm living dere now. I start singing from a tenda age, but serious, professional style for the last 6 years.  But all my life is music.

DG: What was the inspiration for "What Would You Say About Me"?
FF: Well,  because of the system, you know?  Around the four corner of the earth right now, fightin for power when they should just see a note of life, life is what we should be treasurin', because once we have life you can take our life an feel like you can get your life back again.  I'm in a classroom an my teacher unruly, what would you say about the student?  I can't do better cause I'm very young an you're teaching a young student.  Whatever you teach a young child, he will learn from dat.  In the four corners of the earth are fighting the teachers of the world, and the leaders need to get straightened before the people can unite.  I'm crying to the leaders of the four corners of the earth.  Because we need to get together, that's why I pray to His Imperial Majesty, He is my strength each an every day.  Life is the greatest thing, once you have something to do with positiveness, you will achieve, you will achieve.

DG: I Jahbar, what's your name and where were you born?
I Jahbar: A likkle district in Westmoreland, that's where I'm born.  My name is Oneil Thomas, Everything is fine in di Name of di Almighty Creator, yuh know?

DG: Where do you live now?
IJ: I'm livin' in Portmore, Riverside Drive in St. Catherine.

DG: When did you start singing?
IJ: I start singin' from 9 years old when I go join a competition in Western Jamaica called Hot Vibes Competition and I won a trophy and a bottle of beer.  I was di champion, I walked away wid di trophy.

DG: Who are some of your favorite artists?
IJ: My favorite singers is The Congos, I have nobody else to look to because The Congos is my family and I grow up amongst dem, watching dem touring and going across the world and doing great things.  I tek up music from a tenda age, I watch music growing up enna mi house an around me.

DG: What is the inspiration for "Own Pattern"?
IJ: One day I was just walking around, because ya know my style is "MY MY MY MY," so I was just out talking to someone one day about persons who is copying other persons music an copying other persons style, so I'm basically telling people that I have my own style my own pattern, I am the only one who can say "MY MY MY MY," nuh one can copy dat.

Jah Live, Rastafari Live!