We've just announced a new project – Stones Throw & Leaving Records presents DUAL FORM – including the line, "if the names gathered here look unfamiliar, it'd be a good time to start studying them." And so here's the cheat sheet…

Below is a list of artists on the album, and where available, links to their places on the web – personal web sites, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Tumblr pages and others.

The Cyclist is from Liverpool UK
Dak from Bay Area, L.A. and the D
Odd Nosdam from Berkeley CA
Dem Hunger from London
Yuk, a member of My Hollow Drum, from California
Davis is Matthewdavid and Serengeti
Knx aka Knxwledge from Los Angeles
Sun Araw from Los Angeles
Trance Farmers from Los Angeles
Dntel aka Jimmy Tamborello, from Los Angeles
Ssaliva from Belgium    
Dream Love from Talahasee FL
Lapti from Moscow
Run DMT from Baltimore MD
Semya is a member of Run DMT from Baltimore MD.
SoundWizard BZB is secretive.