Deanthoven, released by Leaving Records, is produced and performed live by Deantoni Parks, channeling Ludwig Van Beethoven. There are no overdubs or loops on this album. Cassette Includes exclusive "drumapella versions" of each track. Mixed & Mastered by Matthew David McQueen, cover art by Punk_Picasso. Machines/Instruments used: Human Body, One Hickory Drum Stick, Kick, Snare, Hi-Hat, MacBook, Interface, Midi Keyboard, various microphones and outboard equipment.

"There is no treatise likely to be too learned for me. Without Laying claim to real learning it is yet true that since my childhood I have striven to learn the minds of the best and wisest of every period of time. It is a disgrace for every artist who does not try to do as much."
– November 2, 1809, to Breitkopf and Hartel, of Leipzig.