This coming week we'll be announcing an all-new EP from Dam-Funk and a drum machine/sequencer we've collaborated on with Dam and Bleep Labs.  At the same time, we're happy to see Dam share the cover of the latest Wax Poetics with Sade, Flying Lotus and Lenny Kravitz. These four artists represent the theme of the latest issue – "the individual" – the lineage of Black musicians who haven't fit the stereotypical mold in the music industry.  

Their prelude on Dam reads, "Small, independent labels are giving artists incredible freedom to stretch out. The same label that allowed Madlib to grow artistically is now doing the same for Dâm-Funk, and it’s thrilling to see where he’ll go next … Dâm-Funk quickly became L.A. royalty when he exploded onto the scene spinning rare boogie and modern soul, then dropping his own synth-heavy slabs on Stones Throw Records. After nearly singlehandedly igniting international interest in modern funk, Dâm is now broadening his scope and looking to evolve the music into its natural next level." 


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