Toeachizown Vol. 2: Fly
$5.94, Album, 37 min., 320 kbps

Dam-Funk's debut album Toeachizown will be released as 5/LP set (release date TBA) and 2/CD on October 20. Dam writes:

Fly is Vol. 2 of the 'digital release' from my new project Toeachizown. The 1st 3 joints on this volume consist of my continued steps into the 'electric-space-funk' style I'm humbled 2 share with U from my mind, yet this time out, with a more 'danceable' vibe 2 it. U know, for the clubs…worldwide! The first 3 tracks “Flying V Ride” (which is a reference 2 the fabled UFO that many have reported seeing in their lifetime), “Candy Dancin’” & “Burn Straight Thru U” co-exist as a 'suite' called “The Move Suite”. Yes, 3 songs that are joined together as 1. This is why the 'drum machine pattern' is the same on these 3 particular songs. “Candy Dancin’” also features a wicked synth solo & vocoder contribution by the 1 and only Mark de Clive-Lowe.

The remaining 3 joints of this volume on this 'digital release': “10 West”, “I Wanna Know” (a vocal) & “Rollin’” represent exactly what the title of this volume is: Fly. They're joints that U can roll 2. Let your hair down 2. Vibe with a lady 2 (or vice-versa), + stay 'fly' 2. I know there's still some fly ladies & gentlemen out there. This Vol. 2 from my Toeachizown project is…4 U.

– D-F 

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