The full details (spoken when I was hella young & my voice was a tad higher) are laid over a Stanley Clarke instrumental, then…the groove me & the great Leon Sylvers III did, kicks in soon after. It was recorded in my bedroom in Pasadena, CA.

The song never made it to Atlantic Starr's album, but was still a good learning experience, recording w/ 1 of my 1st musical mentors: Leon Sylvers III.

The song briefly appeared on a hand full of cassette tapes I made in 1991 called: "Damon – My Early Works ('88-'90)" which I only gave a few friends to in my neighborhood. I still have the tape with the original homemade artwork done at Kinko's. Hilarious!

This tune will be 'mastered' later, for inclusion on: Adolescent Funk, Vol. 2. Stay tuned & I appreciate U vibin' with me.

Peace – D-F
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