Dam-Funk graces the cover of the local favorite music mag, LA Record for their Fall 2015 issue.  

As appropriate to Dam-Funk's well-known Gemini nature, the new Invite The Light is an album of two halves-the first an exploration of the light and the sky, climaxing on the Flea / Computer Jay / Dam collab "Floating On Air," and the second a strapped-for-battle fight for survival on the dirty surface of the Earth, announced by the crushing "HowUGonFuckAroundAndChooseABusta?" (And exploded by the merciless "Hunt And Murder of Lucifer," too.) Guests like Snoop Dogg, Jody Watley, Q-Tip, Ariel Pink, Leon Sylvers III and IV and more slide through The Light, which begins and ends with underground-radio-style stay-strong messages from funk legend Junie Morrison, and which takes everything you recognize as the sound (and soul) of Dam-Funk and reveals new vision and power. If his 2009 debut Toeachizown demonstrated everything Dam could do, The Light demonstrates everything Dam is: it's a focused and intensely personal album as it glides from bright to night, with long moments where the bleakness and the beauty dissolve into the same fundamental thing. On Invite The Light and in this interview, too, Dam reveals himself as an artist aiming for the horizon instead of just for the hit-he's the kind of musician who always wants to go a little further. He speaks now about freedom, healing and how there might be just one more Dam-Funk record left. – intro by Chris Ziegler from LA Record Fall 2015

Invite the Light comes out Sep. 4th. On the 5th, Dam-Funk & Nite Jewel will perform at the Los
Angeles release party for the album at Telegraph Ballroom. This is an
all-ages event. Grab tickets here.


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