We'll let Dam tell it …

This t-shirt (designed by the great Freddy Anzures, San Francisco) is a special one for me. This design was inspired by one of the greatest Modern-Funk albums of all time, Prince's 1999. This particular LP was a defining moment in the evolution of my sound. The artwork was the bomb too. So, in a way, I'm paying tribute 2 one of my favorite artist in the game + the style that was a part of it.

I decided 2 go with 'Pro Club' t-shirt material because that's the way I rock MY tee's: A tight neck & thick. Not those flimsy hipster styled t-shirts, with the stretched out necks, that look all raggedy on purpose. I wanted U 2 have a chance 2 'stay fly' while sportin' this particular t-shirt, like we do on the 'true westside' of the git' down. So I hope U enjoy it. They'll last beyond the fads. Just like U & me. 'Cause… "Funk is NOT a fad…It's a way of life." 
– DF

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