In the store | DAKIM – DDUST REGOS

There's 250 copies of the Dak tape, 2nd edition. 31 minutes. 

From the bros at Leaving Records:

Our flagship artist Dakim is swaddled in
mystery and intrigue. Praised by luminaries of the global beat scene
such as Flying Lotus, Ras G, and House Shoes, Dakim's productions remain
largely unheard. The reclusive and prolific producer (who cites music
as 90% of his life) literally lives in a world of ceaselessly unturning
sounds and textures yet unheard. Operating on instinct and a seemingly
unquenchable musical curiosity, Dakim creates tracks that are less
"beats" than living, breathing organisms which move and swing on their
own preternatural accord. Hot off the heels of a fevered, sure to be
legendary performance on L.A.'s Boiler Room, Dakim may not be a
'producer's producer' for long. | | @leavingrecords