Brogan is a producer based in San Francisco, and The Snake is his debut album. Vinyl coming December 6.

"Brogan Bentley’s new song 'The Difference' doesn’t start so much as it uncoils, with a crawling, slow smokiness of building synths and airy vocals that’s hard to grasp but easy to enjoy. And it’s just as shifty with genre as it is with structure: You could maybe call this a kind of R&B … but there’s just as much of a goth influence to its darkness" – Vogue

Watch the video for "The Difference" on Vimeo

Directed by Matthew Ching |
1st Camera – Matt Ching |
2nd Camera – Derek Hanson |
3D Modeling, Animation, Compositing & Editing – Matt Ching |
Nude Model – Anon |
Thanks for all the love and help from:
USF Media Lab Director Sheri Brenner,
Evan Kikawa,
Katarina Lanni,
Isabella Hashimoto,
Matthew McQueen.