A onetime member of incendiary rap act N.W.A., freaky electro producer Arabian Prince exudes period style; Innovative Life, Stones Throw’s loving anthology of his early work, is so energetic, exaggerated, and of its time that it makes ironic, retro efforts seem pale by comparison. After decades of building on his foundations, his output doesn’t always sound novel, but it’s still recklessly enjoyable. It’s all squishy, primordial electro melodies, crisp handclaps, sleazy vocoder come-ons, and climactic squeals. “Professor X Saga” fires off lasers and Kraftwerk beats; “Let’s Hit the Beach” juxtaposes seagulls and calculator bleeps; and “Innovator” offers plain, raunchy fun (sample lyric: “What’s coming down her leg?”). Boasting of hot beats and bedded chicks, this fresh prince comes off as confident and unapologetic as he did 20 years ago.
– Pat Sisson

Arabian Prince–Innovative Life