Here is another track from the Duppy Gun full-length album. "Rasta Life" feat. vocalist Dayone and production from the Big Flite and Velkro. 

Duppy Gun is a production team, label, and collective of Jamaican artists and American producers. The label’s origins, recounted by Sun Araw:

“In 2011 a man approached me, gestured to a red, green, and gold-painted hole into a parallel life, and suggested I step through it I did. One of the main products of that decision was a record called Icon Give Thank, a collection of music created while living and recording with The Congos in Portmore, Jamaica.”

“A little later, that ball rolled a little farther and Ged and I decided to self-manufacture a 12-inch record, and to everyone's great advantage, Stones Throw Records white-knighted the whole shebang and agreed to help with the tasks in which we had proved incompetent. And so Duppy Gun Productions was born proper.”

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