Set in an anonymous city in eastern Europe, “In the City” is directed by Kyle Whittington & Joe Broady.

Special thanks to: TMC, Blue Rinse Clothing, Klondyke, Donna Brown, Karen Broady.

“In the City” is from Anika EP, a short collection of songs following her debut album, both produced by Geoff Barrow. This is a cover of a song originally written and recorded by The Chromatics. The EP also includes a her version of The Kinks’ lovelorn classic I Go To Sleep and covers of songs by The Crystals (He Hit Me) and Shocking Blue (Love Buzz) as well as dub versions of previous singles Yang Yang and No One’s There.

Now based in Berlin, Anika retains strong ties to the Bristol scene where this project began with a coincidental meeting with producer Geoff Barrow and his freeform kraut band Beak>. Barrow was initially on the search for a vocalist for his experimental new group but as the relationship developed it became clear that ‘Anika’ was a collaborative project in its own right.

The EP was recorded in Bristol at State of Art Studios, with Beak>
members Billy Fuller and Matt Williams, as well as Andy Sutor (drums)
and Rasha Shaheen (keys/vox/guitar), who have made up Anika’s touring
band for the last three years. The tracks were all produced by Geoff
Barrow and Beak>.

The first video from the Anika EP was I Go To Sleep, directed by Uli M. Schueppel, a Berlin film director known for his 1990s Nick Cave biopic, A Road To God Knows Where.

Anika EP  Tracklist:

1. “I Go To Sleep”
2. “He Hit Me”
3. “Love Buzz”
4. “In The City”
5. “No One’s There (dub)”
6. “Yang Yang (dub)”