Edan - Echo Party

Edan - Echo Party

  • October 26, 2009

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Edan is dropping a new album/mixtape called Echo Party on Five Day Weekend. Here's the info on the project:

Edan was given access to the Traffic Ent. Group's back catalog of old school rap - labels like Magic Records, Chocolate Star, P&P among others - and asked to create something new out of it, whatever he wanted. What began as a simple mixtape, two years later turned into a 30-min record of dance, rap and punk, utilizing everything from turntables, tape echo, guitar, moog and maybe even kazoos. He's even going to hand-draw each LP cover.

The vinyl LP covers are going to be all white-tip on sleeves, like those old 60s records, with Edan stenciling, or stamping, or doing some kind of cover art to each one personally. There will be only 1000 made.

The CD package is no joke either - see below. It's in a small book format (some in white, some silver) with a 12-page book, obsessively detailing what's playing on the album, typed out all madman style by Edan.

Nov 23 Update: We are now sold out of the CD and limited-edition vinyl.

The CD & booklet:

EDAN - ECHO PARTY EDAN - ECHO PARTY Here's “Making Planets” from Beauty & The Beat (2005)
More on Edan at www.humblemagnificent.com