Stones Throw celebrates Cassette Store Day with Madvillain Demo, event in Pasadena

Stones Throw celebrates Cassette Store Day with Madvillain Demo, event in Pasadena

  • September 06, 2013

Join us in Pasadena CA: Cassette Store Day, all day, Saturday, September 7th at Poo-Bah Records, 2636 East Colorado Blvd, Pasadena.

If you told us ten years ago that we'd be doing cassettes, we wouldn't possibly believe that the future could be so good.

To celebrate the first ever "Cassette Store Day" on Saturday, September 7th, we'll be with the Leaving Records crew at Poo-Bah in Pasadena, and here online we're launching a 24-hour sale of these MF DOOM & Madlib's Madvillainy Demo Tape that was made for the limited-edition Madvillain Box Set made back in 2008. Our stash of just a few extra cassette has been stored in our warehouse ever since.


When we released Jonwayne's Cassette (the first one) last year, a debate broke out on our Facebook page about the merits of releasing a cassette in the 2010's. One particularly enthusiastic participant asked: "Cassettes now? What kind of hipster bullshit is this? Oooh, look at us, we're such rebels. Cassettes were and always will be shitty. What's your next move, fucking wax cylinders?"

Jonwayne's cassette was neither an attempt at rebellion, a lapse into nostalgia, nor any kind of ironic retrograde. The artist had some music and wanted to get it released in an inexpensive and personal way. Solution: the cassette. Like Nick Sylvester wrote today in an op-ed piece at Pitchfork about Cassette Store Day, there's something can feel intensely personal about the cassette in this moment in time. As long as the feeling is honest, and the format can still be made and played by enough people, why not?

This year we teamed up with Leaving Records, our own personal favorite cassette label. Begun in 2009 by musician Matthewdavid and designer Jesselissa Moretti, the label has put out a fantastic series of tapes from artists working hip-hop, electronic, and plenty of other genres which defy simple categorization. Check the video: we'll met Matthew take it from here....

Here's Cut Chemist's "Cassette Culture" mix, made from four cassette decks, released on the Stones Throw Podcast.