Lord Quas vs. Sandy (aka The Gift Show)

Lord Quas vs. Sandy (aka The Gift Show)

  • January 04, 2013

If you ever wanted to get your paws on the Quasimoto toy, or the unbelievably great Chrome Children poster (see below, with rap MCs looking it over, completely dumbstruck), you can have a chance at picking them up at The Gift Show at Scion AV Installation gallery, Jan. 5th 2013.

This is a show benefiting Superstorm Sandy Relief Efforts, featuring collectables, memorabilia, test pressings and such from artists and record labels as diverse as Quasimoto and RZA to Mark Mothersbaugh and Hate Eternal. (Hate Eternal is death metal from Florida, if you're not up on your death metal game.)

Take note: This is the CLOSING event of The Gift Show. The goods are on display now, but the event is closing after Jan. 5th.

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