Madlib, Embryo, J Rocc in Berlin: Oct. 13

  • September 05, 2010

Following his landmark jam-sessions with Embryo founder Christian Burchard (vibes/drums), Burchard's daughter Marja, Embryo/Dissidenten members Uve Mullrich (bass) and Roman Bunka (guitar), Mullrichs’s daughter, the vocalist Bajka, and J.Rocc in Munich this past spring, Madlib has booked a series of rehearsals with the band - and one live show - in Berlin this October.

What will unfold is anyone's guess - but given that Madlib has made it clear that he already has recorded two albums' worth of music from the jam sessions alone - and is planning an album with Bajka based around music from Embryo's Riese album - this will probably be an event worth traveling for. Limited tickets available