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Madlib: Aliases (black)
Madlib: Aliases (black)
Stones Throw x Brent Rollins


Women's Tshirt Stones Throw STH6012

Description: Madlib: (see also) Madvillain: Young Jazz Rebels: Loop Digga:Quasimoto: Surpreme Team: Yesterdays New Quintet: Yesterdays Universe:The Last Electro Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble:KamalaWalker & The Soul Tribe: Monk Hughes & The Outer Realm: TheEddie Prince Fusion Band: Joe McDuphrey Experience: Otis Jackson Trio:The Jahari Massamba Unit: Jaylib: Lootpack: DJ Rels: Sound Directions:Jackson Conti: The Jazzistics: Suntouch: Malik Flavors: AhmadMiller:Beat Konducta: And                 

Designed by Brent Rollins.

Women's – Sky Blue | Black
Men's – White | Silver | Black

More detailed photos: Madlib Aliases

Printed on American Apparel 100% Fine Jersey Cotton. Body Width: S=30-32 inches, M=32-34 inches, L=36-38 inches.

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