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73 Funshine (Book & Madlib Vinyl)
73 Funshine (Book & Madlib Vinyl)
Jason Jägel


Description: We are very pleased to offer the debut book by Jason Jägel, who might be best known to music fans for his paintings on the cover of MF DOOM's MM FOOD. Several pieces of Jägel's have themes referencing Madlib, DOOM, Dudley Perkins and other Stones Throw artists. The book contains an exclusive 10-inch record with three previously unreleased tracks from Madlib's jazz projects (Young Jazz Rebels, Monk Hughes & Last Electro).

Book: 14” x 12” x 1", 208 color p., 2LB.
Vinyl: 10-inch EP with 3 exclusive tracks by Madlib's Yesterdays Universe: "Prelude", "Monkfunkin" & "El-Jay"

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73 Funshine (Book & Madlib Vinyl)

More details: This large-format, full-color monograph by contemporary artist Jason Jägel features over 200 images from Jägel’s career, largely focusing on his current practice. His sometimes-loose, sometimes-tight narrative gouache paintings populate this oversize publication. Music references, family life, and the humming buzz of the street are often found in a single, sprawling image. His work includes fictional and actual album cover paintings, records made of paper, narrative vinyl “grooves” made of pencil and paintings inspired by specific songs, albums and artists. Contributors include Madlib, Jeff Jank, Nate Denver.

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