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Rock Konducta Pt 1&2
Rock Konducta Pt 1&2


Album Madlib Invazion MMS025

Description: 48 Instrumental hip-hop tracks produced by Madlib. 2/CD with 8-page booklet.

The obi card reads, "No dis to John, Paul, George or Angus, but they are nowhere to be found in the Beat Konducta's Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. There are no Marshall stacks, leather pants or mosh pits in this joint. Beat Konducta digs deep into worldwide, underground rock scenes from 60s-80s psychedelia, Krautrock, acid-soaked prog and synthy, tweaker oddities for this 79-minute, double disc album."

Released on vinyl:
Rock Konducta Pt. 1 LP
Rock Konducta Pt. 2 LP

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