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Light From Los Angeles
Light From Los Angeles


Album Dublab PSA043

Description: Described as, "a document of vibrant creativity from an inspiring city," Light from Los Angeles is an audio/video project curated by Dublab.

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The Light from Los Angeles songs and films are available to the public under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial copyright license, allowing for open, not-for-profit distribution and repurposing of the material.

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Song Title Artist Producer Price
1.  Mezame Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood Ferguson Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood Ferguson $0.99 Buymp3
2.  Estara Yuk & Teebs Yuk & Teebs $0.99 Buymp3
3.  Coasts Suzanne Kraft & Brogan Bentley Suzanne Kraft & Brogan Bentley $0.99 Buymp3
4.  Beautiful Venice Day Farmer Dave Scher Farmer Dave Scher $0.99 Buymp3
5.  627 ESP ESP $0.99 Buymp3
6.  Breakwater Dntel Dntel $0.99 Buymp3
7.  What We See Julia Holter & Nite Jewel Julia Holter & Nite Jewel $0.99 Buymp3
8.  Bus Ride Ras G Ras G $0.99 Buymp3
9.  Giant Slice Butchy Fuego Butchy Fuego $0.99 Buymp3
10.  Eye Light Onkyovizion Onkyovizion $0.99 Buymp3
11.  Evening Meditations Sun Araw Sun Araw $0.99 Buymp3
12.  In Search of Summer (So Swesey Mix) Languis Languis $0.99 Buymp3
13.  KCRW Supporters Lucky Dragons Lucky Dragons $0.99 Buymp3
14.  All This Time Sweatson Klank Sweatson Klank $0.99 Buymp3
15.  Your Own Backyard The Long Lost The Long Lost $0.99 Buymp3