There's been some good words for Homeboy Sandman's First of a Living Breed. The MC's album dropped a couple weeks back, and he continues touring the US with Brother Ali through October.

Hip-Hop DX 4.23/5 | First Of A Living Breed is another powerful entry into the Homeboy Sandman's discography. Convention be damned. Homeboy Sandman is still writing his own rules. 

MTV Hive One of Hip-Hop's very best MCs … Sandman is the perfect blend of intricate technique and urban nonchalance; he merges those traits with a provocative flair that's undeniable New York. – Marcus J. Moore, MTV Hive.

Village Voice Homeboy Sandman is one of the most celebrated and respected artists to emerge from the New York underground in the last decade. – Chaz Kangas, Village Voice.

XXL Homeboy Sandman’s set displayed exactly how a live rap show with nothing but a microphone and some speakers can be performed … it was clear that the Queens rapper wasn’t just an opening act, but that he easily deserved a show of his own. – Nick de Molina, live show review for XXL.

Pitchfork 7.1/10 | Sand is one of the best pure lyricists around, and Stones Throw seems like a natural fit. It's the perfect place to get the kind of beats that a rapper like him thrives over– glitchy, sideways drumlines and soul-infused sunbeats, phenotypes emerging fully-formed from the masters at Stones Throw's HQ. – Jonah Bromwich, Pitchfork.

Potholes in my Blog Underground heads should simply rejoice that one of their best and most promising subjects is coming-of-age musically inside the glorious online swirl of rap niches. Stones Throw Records is a storehouse of limited-run, craft hip-hop, and Homeboy Sandman is an artisanal talent if there ever was one. – Chul Gugich, Potholes in my Blog.

The Skinny (UK) 4/5 | Homeboy Sandman's liquid flow and intelligent lyrics make him a perfect fit for Stones Throw … a fresh and original voice in modern hip-hop. – Bram E. Gieben, The Skinny.

The RapUp The gargantuan ego-stroking that has become synonymous to mainstream rap is absent … that doesn't mean there isn't of anything of interest to be found in Homeboy Sandman's personality, on the contrary. By simply letting his work speak for himself, it becomes much more powerful than if he were bellowing its greatness.  And a powerful work it is. – J.Monkey, The RapUp.

The 405 (UK) 9/10 | Catchy, versatile and open, it's a hip-hop record that's difficult to not enjoy … From the open and heart-breaking "Couples Bars" to the tribal chanting of "The Ancient," you're constantly on your toes as to where this record is going next, and that's why this record is so alluring. – Jack McKenna, The 405.

The Boston Phoenix First of a Living Breed (Stones Throw) is yet another demonstration of an artist who breaks boundaries in his sleep and leaps universes in the lab. – Chris Faraone, Boston Phoenix.
Respect Mag. Hip-Hop in it's purest form.  An emcee with talent, a dream and a message. – Nina Long, Respect.
All Music First of a Living Breed is an easy recommendation of any lyric-loving hip-hop head. – David Jeffries,

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