In the store | Jonwayne – Cassette 3: The Marion Morrison Mixtape

Introducing the world’s first analog iPod.

Jonwayne’s Cassette 3 – the last in a trilogy of cassette releases – is the Marion Morrison Mixtape, featuring Captain Murphy, Jeremiah Jae, Zeroh and Oliver the 2nd. Some
of the beats are by Jonwayne, others recycled from the Gods of Rap. The original Cassette (R.I.P.) and Cassette 2
were both cassette releases only. This time around we’re offering a
free download of the album. The cassette version is slightly expanded,
containing a bonus track. Running time: 37 mins. Mastered by Daddy Kev. Artwork by Jeff Jank

Download | The Marion Morrison Mixtape (Zip)

About the title: Jonwayne’s real name is Jon Wayne. Marion Morrison is the real name of the Hollywood cowboy guy John Wayne, who took his screen name from Jonwayne’s great-great-great-great-great uncle. What comes around goes around. Jonwayne Reclaims His Family Name on ‘Marion Morrison’ Mixtape Jonwayne’s Mixtape, Feat. Captain Murphy (Flying Lotus)

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