In the store | J Dilla – Diamonds & Ice

This is the second single from J Dilla's infamous "long lost" vocal album, The Diary, released by the Estate of James Yancey's imprint Pay Jay Productions.

These two tracks are perhaps the best known from The Diary – one of them leaked as a low-bit MP3 some years ago, and the other released as a Jaylib-era white label. 

Long before his posthumous album The Shining, J Dilla titled
these two tracks “The Shining Pt. 1″ and “The Shining Pt. 2.” “Diamonds
(The Shining Pt. 1)” was produced Nottz, and “Ice (The Shining Pt. 2)”
was produced by Madlib. The Diamonds & Ice EP contains two markedly
different versions of “Ice,” with one showing the musical direction
Dilla would embark on after The Diary was shelved in 2002.

Rounding out this EP is a Madlib instrumental that J Dilla secured for
the album but never turned into the final song, titled “The D.” 

Sleeve by Jeff Jank. Label image by Sheppard Fairy & B+ from the Obey Dilla poster.

A1. Diamonds – The Shining Pt. 1
A2. Diamonds – The Shining Pt. 1 (Alternate)
A3. Diamonds – The Shining Pt. 1 (Instrumental)
B1. Ice – The Shining Pt. 2
B2. Ice – The Shining Pt. 2 (Ruff Draft Version)
B3. Ice – The Shining Pt. 2 (Instrumental)
B4. The D

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