Quasimoto - Talkin Shit 45 (Blue)

Quasimoto - Talkin Shit 45 (Blue)

  • June 24, 2014

In the store | QUASIMOTO - TALKIN SHIT 45 (BLUE)

Now shipping: A new mood ... Shades of blue, purple ... seasons change ... Lord Quas on shrooms.

This is the second press of Quasimoto & Madlib's "Talkin Shit 45," exhibiting the latest shade of Quasimoto's full-body mood ring. 

The custom-shaped vinyl comes from the same out-of-the-way record pressing plant in Lost Gates CA that worked with us on Yessir Whatever and the first edition of "Talkin Shit" in yellow. The company isn't in the phone book, they aren't on the web. But they do good work.

On the flip side of the record we see the X-ray image of Quasimoto's insides. No guts, no glory.

Beats by Madlib. Design by Jeff Jank.

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