Dimlite - Grimm Reality

Dimlite - Grimm Reality

  • October 24, 2011


Now-Again Records presents the Swiss producer/electronic musician’s remarkable third album in a 3x10-inch record set.

Release Date: Nov. 22, 2011. Available now exclusively at stonesthrow.com

MP3: Dimlite - New Better Pain

Now Again Records is proud to present Grimm Reality, the third album from our favorite Swiss electronic musician. Dimlite incorporates the techniques and artistic attitude of two of his alter-egos (Misel Quitno, a fanatic in low-fidelity electro-acoustic composition; the Slapped Eyeballers, a two-headed, world-rock-folk combo) to color a progressive sonic vision.
Titling his third album Grimm Reality might seem to point to a new autobiographical streak in this Swiss musician, but that would be too simple. It’s up to the listener to piece together a version of Grimm’s reality from mere hints: the wistful romance of “XY,” the tension and release of “New, Better Pain” and soon through every perfectly poised moment on this record. Likewise, looking for the remains of a hip-hop influence, or a connection to what's happening on modern-day dance floors, won’t yield much here. The precedents that spring to mind are all cherished outsiders – Neu, The Residents, Beefheart, Philip Glass - footnotes in mainstream music history but, in an altogether preferable parallel universe, titans of the recent past.
This isn't the patchwork of a tasteful record collector though – Dimlite eschews samples entirely, imbuing his music with the spirit of his heroes but never once grabbing for their sound. In so doing, he creates music that is highly singular and – despite its relatively ancient influences – altogether new. This gem is presented across two formats, a custom, matte-finished digipak and as a deluxe 3x10” slipcase with original artwork by Anneka Beatty. The vinyl edition also carries an exclusive 7” single and a digital download code.

Photos: 3x10-inch vinyl box and CD