Direct to Disc #3: Dam-Funk, Steve Arrington, Los Angeles August 19

Direct to Disc #3: Dam-Funk, Steve Arrington, Los Angeles August 19

  • August 15, 2011

In celebration of our 15th anniversary, Stones Throw Records is producing a series of private shows in front of a small live audience at a pressing plant/recording studio in Los Angeles. The shows are being recorded directly to vinyl as they happen with no computers, tape, or digital gear used in the recording process.

Direct to Disc #3 is happening this Friday, August 19th, featuring Dam-Funk with his band Master Blazter, and former Slave frontman Steve Arrington. Garth Trinidad and Peanut Butter Wolf will host. James Pants and the Funkmosphere DJs will round out the night with DJ sets.

Each Direct to Disc event features two artists, with each artist performing two short sets to comprise a record. Small quantities of each record are pressed and sold, vinyl-only (no CD or digital). 

Show Past shows have included Mayer Hawthorne, Rick, The Stepkids, and Gary Wilson. Stay tuned for more Stones Throw direct to disc events in the future.

Date & Lineup:
Friday, August 19
Dam-Funk & Master Blazter, Steve Arrington.
DJs: James Pants, Funkmosphere

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