J Dilla's Donuts on vinyl: new sleeve.

J Dilla's Donuts on vinyl: new sleeve.

  • October 03, 2011

J DILLA - DONUTS Double LP now with "Smile" cover
J DILLA - DONUTS 27x27-inch poster

Back late 2005 when we were getting ready to release J Dilla's Donuts, we made a casual decision to use a drawing for the cover of the 2LP vinyl release, rather than the standard cover photo of Dilla used for the other releases. Dilla himself had requested "something like that Quasimoto album," and still to this day the inside fold out of the Donuts CD fits together with the inside foldout of Quasimoto's Further Adventures album.

Fast forward 6 years, the retailer Urban Outfitters asked Stones Throw if they could carry the album in their stores, just as long as it comes with the photograph on the cover. 

So here it is, better late than never: J Dilla's classic album Donuts now released on vinyl with the smile on the cover - available now. 

We've also created a 27 x 27-inch poster of the album cover. 

Cover & illustrations by Jeff Jank; photo of Dilla by Andrew Gura. Just a few months ago we published a short back-story on the cover photo. Check it:

The original release is still available for now...