Now Boarding: Madlib Medicine Show No. 2 – Flight To Brazil

  • February 16, 2010

Madlib Medicine Show No. 2: Flight to Brazil 

It's February. Time for the Flight to Brazil – now shipping from Stones Throw, and soon to be in select music stores around the world who know what's up.

Background: Madlib is more prolific than the music industry can make sense of, so he has launched a 12-part, one-a-month music series through 2010 on his own imprint, Madlib Invazion.  Odd numbers are original productions, and even numbers are mixtapes. 

Madlib Medicine Show No. 2 is an 80-minute guided tour through three of four decades of Brazilian funk, psych, prog-rock and jazz. No. 1 was hip-hop madness featuring Guilty Simpson.  No. 3 will be Beat Konducta in Africa – details coming next week.