Guilty Simpson - Ghettodes

Guilty Simpson - Ghettodes

  • June 08, 2010


This past year, around the same time Madlib was creating his remix of Guilty Simpson's Ode to the Ghetto for his Madlib Medicine Show #1 release, we had Oh No remix the tracks as well, using samples from the Now-Again catalog. Oh No's collection Ghettodes is not meant as an album, but you put 14 tracks together and you might as well call it that. 

A few tracks have come out individually over the past year via, the ST Twitter and ST Facebook pages, but here is a download of the complete set:

1. American Nightmare: released on the Whitefield Bros 45 American Nightmare.
2. Piglets: we put this up on Stones Throw's twitter a while back.
3. Riches
4. Futuristic feat. MED: also sent out via Twitter.
5. What to Do: released on the Stones Throw x Serato set.
6. Rob
7. The Ghetto (Interlude)
8. The Ghetto
9. Y'all Scared: Released on (here)
10. Dreads: b-side of the Whitefield Bros 45 American Nightmare.
11. Killer: Released on (here)
12. Runners feat. Black Milk
13. Raw (Interlude)
14. Kinda