Stones Throw Podcast 54: Nite Jewel

  • Peanut Butter Wolf
  • January 03, 2010

Stones Throw Podcast 54 - Nite Jewel
How does the room feel about it? Mix

Here’s a new podcast by Nite Jewel AKA Ramona. I found out about her through Dam-Funk, who thankfully introduced me to her music and to her as well. They’re now working on an album for Stones Throw, tentatively titled “Nite-Funk”. Turns out, she and her dude Cole (who plays in one of my favorite bands Haunted Graffiti) live down the street from me. I hang out with them from time to time and whenever we do, we nerd out on old records. I asked her to do a podcast of some of her favs, so here you go. Another one to get jealous of. Whaddup to 12ManRambo too.

Set list:
“Indian”  - Baffo Banfi
“More More More”  - Ray & His Court
“You Really Turn Me On”  - Prophet
“War”  - Bruce Haack
“Between Righteousness”  - Ed N. “Sted
“I Pity Inanimate Objects”  - Godley & Creme
“Remind Me”  - Patrice Rushen
“Ba-benzele”  - Brian Eno & Jon Hassell
“Superlady”  - Jeff Phelps
“Piano Instrumental”  - Joe Meek
“Siren Shallows”  - Iasos

Nite Funk - Am I Gonna Make It? (MP3)
Nite Jewel - Weak For Me 7-inch single